About Analiticómania

Analiticómania  professional services include web-based and mobile application development, online store / E-commerce, content management, outsourcing and other IT solutions. In today’s highly competitive and fast paced IT scene, Analiticómania is set on a mission to change lives through tailor-fitted IT solutions for specific client needs. From simple branding to fully customizable ready-made apps or websites, we can provide you with all the tools that you need to jump start your venture.

Analiticómania has partnered with experts in their respective fields, we assure quality and satisfaction with the quality and best price point. Whether you are an existing entrepreneur looking to make it big online or a start-up that aims to be at the top of your field, Analiticómania is sure to provide you with world-class services.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we do our part in helping humanity through our special non-profit programs called Developers for Humanity and Development for Humanity. We are a brand that is not based purely on profit. We have products and services dedicated for Non-profits and regular everyday people who have dreams of making a better life. We help Non-profits and individuals who want to positively affect peoples lives by providing programs and channels for everyone who wants to contribute to humanity.